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If you ask me why the "Dallas Knights" are one of my favorite quartets, there are many reasons. First is the awesome musicality within the group. I find it a real challenge to figure who's singing which part at what time. Their voices seem to be totally interchangeable. Secondly is their completely varied repertoire from great barbershop to jazz {done really well, I should add}, to some of the wildest and funniest contemporary arrangements you've ever heard. Perhaps most important, these guys don't just sing-they entertain!! And after the show you won't find any four guys more fun to be around.

Jim Clancy, Director / Arranger
Ten Times International Champions Vocal Majority Chorus

The Richtones count themselves among Dallas Knights many fans. We thoroughly enjoyed having them on our show. They are marvelous entertainers, skilled vocalists and have a magical way of connecting with the audience. I enthusiastically recommend them for any event that needs great entertainment.

Dale Syverson, Director
International Champions Rich-Tone Chorus

The Dallas Knights quartet defines the word "entertainment". From start to finish they pour their hearts and souls into each and every performance, inviting each member of the audience to enjoy it as much as they do. The take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride throughout their performance of standard barbershop songs, jazzy love-ballads, spirit-moving gospel tunes, and zany comedy numbers. I have quickly become one of Dallas Knights biggest fans, and eagerly await the opportunity to see them again.

Rick Spencer, Music Specialist / Young Men In Harmony
The Barbershop Harmony Society

When I needed to laugh, they made me howl until my sides ached. When I needed to reflect, they took me to another dimension and tears came easily as I heard them sing of lost love and heartache. When I needed to learn, they taught me one certain lesson: When I want entertainment on my show, I'll contact Dallas Knights first. They've got it all.
Ev Nau, Managing Director of Membership Development & Services
The Barbershop Harmony Society

The Dallas Knights really entertained us with the variety of songs and arrangements in your repertoire and with the array of talent you display.  What musical singing!!  I could hear your act over and over again. You relate to the audience so well. Thanks for a fabulous, fun-filled evening!!
Joe Liles, Music Publications Editor
The Barbershop Harmony Society

When I first saw the Dallas Knights in performance, I quickly became a fan.  Not only can they sing and perform very well, they impress me with how genuine they come across the footlights as entertainers.  Whether the foursome is singing a Barbershop ballad or up-tempo song, a toe-taping jazzy tune, a crazy ditty, or featuring one of their fine voices doing a beautiful solo, you will not be disappointed.  In every performance, Graham, Stretch, Mike & Steve demonstrate they have the expertise and the ability to seamlessly pass from one style of music to another.  If you have the opportunity to see the Dallas Knights perform near you, don't miss the opportunity.  You will be thoroughly entertained and I promise, the time will be well spent.
Jim DeBusman, Music Specialist
The Barbershop Harmony Society

If you're looking for solid entertainment, look no further! The Dallas Knights appeal to audiences of all ages -- with a repertoire that includes something for everyone! Consummate performers, they'll make you laugh, wax nostalgic, tap your toe, and tingle with goose bumps! They are not to be missed!

Peggy Barnes Gram
Director, Top of the Rock Chorus
Bass, Rumors, 1999 SAI International Champions

We baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, Borts. No. That is incorrect, sir. DALLAS KNIGHTS ARE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!. Thanks for coming to our rescue and in such superb fashion. Your presentations were flawless, professional, and truly entertaining. The TEXAS MILLIONAIRES will forever be indebted to you.

Guy McShan
Baritone, Innsiders - 1976 SPEBSQSA International Champions

I highly recommend the talented DALLAS KNIGHTS quartet for your chapter show. Not only have these guys mastered the art of expanded barbershop sound, but they have taken this blend and applied it to a variety of musical styles which is guaranteed to entertain!  These great guys appeared on the Austin, Texas show in August 2001 and we are still receiving rave reviews .... from barbershoppers and non-barbershoppers alike.  DALLAS KNIGHTS represent the true spirit of barbershop brotherhood and have represented the Southwestern District well since winning the Quartet Championship in 1994.  They are also committed to Youth Outreach, so bring them in early to hold a workshop at your local high school.

Dwayne Cooper, Executive VP
Austin Chord Rangers

What an entertaining quartet!  Dallas Knights takes each song and infuses it with a soul of its own.  Whether traditional Barbershop or something a little jazzier, each song is sung to perfection.  Don't miss their rendition of "Freddy Feelgood and His Funky Little Four Piece Band", a personal favorite of mine.  Thanks to "Beatnik" Mike, Graham, "Stretch", and Steve for a wonderfully entertaining evening of song.

Gary N. Hannah, President
The Corpus Christi Commodores

OK City Chorus of Sweet Adelines engaged Dallas Knights to be the featured act on their annual show in 2001...and they certainly lived up to our expectations...and, more.  These four talented singers are not only very accomplished at their craft and performance skills, they are also very congenial gentlemen who make everyone feel that they are indeed delighted to be a part of the day's activities.  Their selection of music and their ability to always find the artistry in its delivery is exactly what you would expect of a featured act.  We heartily recommend Steve, Mike, Stretch, and Graham...otherwise know as DALLAS KNIGHTS...to anyone who is looking for a headline group.

Jim Massey, Director
OK City Sweet Adelines

Dallas Knights Quartet was the headline entertainment on the 2001 Rich-Tone Chorus Spring Show. Dallas Knights quartet was WONDERFUL and well worth the wait. We had tried to book the quartet on a Rich Tone chapter show more than a year ago, but couldn't get the dates to work. Our spring show was a success, and a large part of that success was due to Dallas Knights. The quartet was a real audience pleaser - and a great musical interlude on the show. They were professional, excellent, entertaining  musicians who engaged the audience with their songs - and left all who heard them wanting more. The Knights can move an audience to tears with their gentle and sensitive love songs, get people laughing with their talking and joking and also belt out those wonderful barbershop tags that just wail into the night! Dallas Knights are champions and first class entertainment. We hope to book the Dallas Knights on a future Rich-Tone show.

Elizabeth Brannon, Show Producer
International Champion Rich-Tone Chorus

Just in case you are interested in a fabulous vocal quartet, The Dallas Knights just did a smashing performance on a show in Canton Ohio. The "Knights" were featured performers along with Canton's Hall of Fame Chorus. There is a lingering buzz about the quartet's performance.  Cast members and audience members alike have lauded our decision to bring the Dallas Knights to Ohio and many have already asked for a repeat performance. This 4-some brought us a unique variety of 4 part harmony ranging from barbershop to acapella to modern vocal jazz.  In addition they are 4 great guys to spend a weekend with.

Darryl Flinn - for the Hall of Fame Chorus

The Canton, Ohio Chapter (Hall of Fame Chorus) hosted the Dallas Knights for our 63rd annual show, on Saturday March 24, 2007. It must be said that this group of four men from the Vocal Majority are truly fine singers and first class gentlemen. Our audience was thrilled with their performance, and the light hearted stories they told. If you have an opportunity to have them on your show, or they are appearing on a nearby chapter show, don't you dare miss it! The Dallas Knights combine great vocals, fun songs, and some musical accompanyment to satisfy most any musical palate. Go to www.dallasknights.com for more information.

(from 'The Harmonet'  - March 30, 2007)